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Producing healthier vines vs ESCA
 Rethinking the whole production process of the grafted vine.


 The CleanPROCESS®* technology: a unique and exclusive Mercier process of production to ensure the highest level of sanitary security.

 7 years of research and more than 1,000 tests, carried out in the whole classic process of production of a vine to reinvent all our procedures. That is how we banned infected and infecting products (ex: sawdust, wood boxes, etc…). We have also reviewed our infrastructures, the storage conditions and set up a disinfection process of workshops and tools.


 Use of neutral anolyte to disinfect vegetal material, tools and facilities. The anolyte has been already used for several years in breeding and agriculture, Mercier nursery engineers were the firsts showing its efficiency on ESCA associated fungi. Today the CleanProcess® and the patent we registered include the anolyte and the procedures of its application.

 We use Anolyte across several steps and with different concentrations to get rid of pathogens fungi in the scion wood and rootstock and in our equipments.


 The anolyte is a disinfecting and sterilizing natural product, very powerful against all types of bacteria and even algaes and fungi. It can be used pure, diluted with water or sprayed in the air. The anolyte is generally used in farming and agriculture for the preservation of sanitary cleanliness and the fight against the fungi and other germs decimating crops.
 The neutral anolyte is produced from water and salt thanks to a technique of membrane electrolysis. An electric current circulates in the saturated salty solution between two metallic elements called anode and cathode. The brine then breaks up in two products, acid anolyte (pH between 2 and 5) and catholyte (pH between 11 y 13). The blend of both solutions is transformed into neutral anolyte, used in CleanProcess®. It is a water whose pH is neutral, but provides a redox potential higher than 750 mV (the one of chlorine water is 400mV). Neutral anolyte acts by contact with the fungi and bacteria without spoiling the physiology of the vegetal material.


 CleanPROCESS®*Mercier exclusive production process: the expertise of our research team on wood diseases and other pathogens led MERCIER to review in 2010 all our production process developing and implementing the CleanPROCESS®*.
All methods and disinfection techniques are currently protected by a patent application and certification.
Today CleanPROCESS®became our standard production process and ushered a new healthier vines generation, safer and already available for your planting and replacement projects.



 Bare roots dormant vines

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 Ceptonic® M11            
 Roots trimming                   
 Hot water treatment**

 High grafted bare roots dormant vines 

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* CleanPROCESS® is protected by an International patent. (International publication n° WO2013/01105311)
**The Hot Water Treatment is to soak the young vines during 45 minutes at +50°C. The Hot Water Treatment is extremely traumatizing for the young vines by consuming most of the vine reserves. The consequences could be a simple delay in bud break or the death of the vines in the worst case. They depend on soil and climate conditions at planting time. The Hot Water Treatment does not guarantee new contaminations after planting. The Hot Water Treatment changes our usual take rate guarantee conditions.


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