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Companies group

Companies Group

A set of complementary and expert companies
 Gathered around the same passion and the same values: human being, vine and wine.


 Argentinean winemakers requirement have increased significantly in the 90s. Mercier quickly appeared as the official supplier of this new demand. Infrastructures in the heart of the historical wine region of Mendoza were necessary in 1998 to grow and to get closer to its clients.
Mercier Argentina has developed over time massal selections matching with the needs of its clients. Today the company is considered as the International Malbec (Cot) expert and holds a large number of its own selections that make reference.

To contact Mercier Argentina, click here. To visit Mercier Argentina website, click here.



 The US market is definitely the most demanding in terms of sanitary quality and traceability in the world. So it is quite naturally that MERCIER considered a local presence in 2006 to offer its expertise to the California wine industry elite. The current production unit is located in Vacaville, between Sacramento and San Francisco, close to Napa Valley. MERCIER California offers Californian clones (FPS - UC Davis) as well as French clones (ENTAV-INRA). In terms of sanitary quality, the nursery managed to adapt to new market requirements thanks to MERCIER Novatech laboratory skills. Thus MERCIER offers the best guarantees of the market vs Red Blotch (secondary virus disease prohibited in the United States in the vine material propagation). 

To contact Mercier California, click here. To visit Mercier California website, click here.



 Created in 1986, Mercier Novatech laboratory now hosts all sanitary diagnosis activities and research and development of the MERCIER Group. Our laboratory is certified ISO 17025 for ELISA analyses protocol (No. 1-1919, available on www.cofrac.fr). Today, the skills of our team include PCR analyses, sanitary massal selections (Unik), varieties clean-up, as well as control with biocontrol technology (ForcePLANT®) and vine material disinfection (CleanPLANT®).
 NOVATECH possesses an international quarantine license delivered by French Ministry of Agriculture: the laboratory could receive samples for testing from all over the world (under certain administrative conditions – contact your technician for more details).
To contact Mercier Novatech, click here. To know more about MERCIER Novatech, click here.

 Nursery and winemaking activities are closely linked. To produce the best vines, it is important to control the supply of scion wood and rootstock material. Our vineyard has today numerous varieties and selections making our wines style. Our estate is membership of French Independent Winemakers, has about 60 hectares of vineyards and produces about 200,000 bottles of AOC fiefs Vendéens, Val de Loire Wine, Sparkling Méthode Traditionnelle and Wine of France Wines. Our wines are marketed directly or in wine retailers, restaurants and supermarkets. We benefit from the important tourism in Vendee. The estate is developing today great wines that must acknowledge the wine expertise of the group. 
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 Linked with Mercier vineyards, this Company is responsible for wines marketing to restaurants and wine retailers of our area. We selected over 150 wines from all French vineyards areas. Wines offered by MD wines have all been subject to a rigorous selection. Perfectly consistent with Mercier vineyard philosophy, these are authentic wines made by passionate winemakers: behind each wine, an enthusiastic and demanding winemaker, a collective tasting and a unanimous vote for the listing process. Today, this selection is the pride of MD Vins and ensures the development of business with professionals. 

To visit MD Vins site, click here

 Le Château de la Sébrandire refurbishment aims at a first stage to welcome the nursery clients during their visits. Quickly, it appeared appropriate to extend this activity to offer hosting services. Château de la Sébrandière is today a grand hotel managed by Ludivine Mercier and Lionel Guillon. In addition to hosting services, they both offer wine tourism activities related to the vineyard and the nursery as well as a rental services for events such as weddings or seminars. 

To visit lChâteau de la Sebrandière website, click here.


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