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Green grafted vines

The Perfect Graft
 The only nursery mastering green grafting for perfect tissues junction.

 Principle: The green grafting technique is to graft green rising sap material of rootstock and scion wood. All mother vines are cultivated with hydroponic techniques in dedicated greenhouses. Then those young vines are prepared and lignified by an expert technician before being planted. This more than 10 years long experience gives excellent take rate results both in nursery and in plantation.
 Advantages : As the vegetable material (rootstocks and scion wood) is produced isolated from outdoor environment, this technique gives to the young vine the highest level of sanitary quality and traceability. The green grafting also enhances the vascularization that leads to an excellent sap circulation between the scion and the rootstock. It gives the first year to the young vine a stronger vigor. We also observe an outstanding root development.

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