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Biocontrol Range

Available certified clones

► Mercier supports the ENTAV-INRA brand
 THE ENTAV-INRA certified material offers the best agronomic, oenological and sanitary guarantees.


 Mercier has started in the 90’s planting its own foundation mother blocks in order to improve the sanitary quality and the traceability of its vines. Today we have under our direct control more than 270 hectares of certified category scion wood and rootstock vineyards. 

 Mercier focuses with the greatest care on the sanitary quality of its mother blocks vineyards. Each year all these vineyards are visually checked and one third is virus controlled by our NOVATECH laboratory.


 Certified clones offer the best sanitary safety of the market. They also offer the best guarantees in term of agronomic and oenological homogeneity. 

 Thanks to the selection process and to work made by the IFV teams, it is possible to know with precision the agronomic and oenological characteristics of all selected clones and currently available to propagation.
To know the authorized clones list in France, their characteristics and their availability to propagation, clic here.

"Catalogue of varieties and clones cultivated in France". The catalogue is made by Plantgrape, consortium agreement between CIRAD, INRA, INRIA and IRD to support the agronomic research and the sustainable development. This varieties and clones catalogue gathers all grape varieties authorized in France. It aims to be the reference database for nurserymen, technicians, teachers, growers and winemakers who will find some aid decision-making information for a very important operation such as a vine plantation which commits for several decades.




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