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ISO 17025 certified laboratory, subsidiary of MERCIER group 
 Key player on vine R&D and sanitary diagnosis expert


 NOVATECH is a laboratory, subsidiary of MERCIER group. Since 1986, NOVATECH main mission is to test in routine the scion wood vineyards and rootstock of MERCIER nurseries vs vine plant main viruses. MERCIER nursery is today the leader of the market in sanitary quality thanks to NOVATECH analyses skills and experience.
 In the 2000’s, with that experience in hand, the laboratory has offered its skills to others nurseries and to all vines growers willing to control the sanitary quality of their vineyards. NOVATECH obtained the COFRAC certification ISO 17 025 attesting its technical skills (n° 1-1919, test, available on www.cofrac.fr) in 2007 in order to go one step further. 



 Through MERCIER nursery development, NOVATECH has diversified into biotechnologies that aim to strenghten the plant’s natural defenses and/or fight against its aggressors. Among major innovations, we can quote the myccorhizal vines in pot development, the use of Trichoderma vs the wood diseases associated fungi or more recently the CleanPROCESS®production process which is today patented.
 NOVATECH possesses an international quarantine license delivered by French Ministry of Agriculture: the laboratory could receive samples for testing from all over the world (under certain administrative conditions – contact your technician for more details).
*CleanPROCESS® is protected by an international patent (International publication nº WO2013/01105311).


 Main viruses and phytoplasmas in routine analyses
Virus Illustration Symptoms Consequences for your vineyard
(ArMV and GFIV)
Distorted yellow leaves, shorter internodes, flat shoots…
Progressive degeneration that may leads to the death
Slow and irreversible contagion 
 Yields fall
 Quality reduction

(GLra V-1 et 3
GLra V-2, -4, -5, -6, -7, -9)
Rolled leaves, prematurely turning red or yellow, maturation heterogeneity
 Old vines weakening
 Yields fall
 Quality reduction
 Contagion risk



Phytoplasmas Illustration Symptoms Consequences for your vineyard
 Flavescence Dorée*

 Bois Noir**
Discolored leaves turning red or yellow, hardening off difficulties 

Progressive degeneration that may leads to the death
 Contagion risk 
 Decrease in yield
 Quality reduction

*Quarantine pest subject to an administrative uprooting in case of positive control.
** Remission possibility.

 Analysis methods 

 PCR method: PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) is a molecular biology method of in-vitro DNA amplification. The detection is made by exponential amplification of pathogen genome specific fragments (DNA or RNA for the viruses) present in small quantities in the vine. This amplification is done with Taq Polymerase enzyme and complementary primers of the targeted genome. The detection is made under X-ray after gel migration by electrophoresis.
Those tests are made to detect phytoplasmas such as black wood as well as Agrobacterium vitis which is responsible for causing Crown gall. Vines may be tested with or without symptoms.

 ELISA method: (Enzyme Linked Immuno Sorbent Assay) is an immuno-enzymatic method of pathogens detection. It is based on the recognition by specific antibodies of the virus proteins envelope. A second antibodies pool bound to an enzyme detects the virus by coloring the sample in yellow during the enzyme substrate addition. In the laboratory ELISA method detects the following viruses: Leaf-roll (GLRaV-1*, GLRaV-2*, GLRaV-3*, GLRaV 1+3*, GLRaV-4 à -9 excluding GLRaV-8); Fanleaf (ArMV, GFIV); Fleck (GFkV). Only (*) viruses marked with * are analyzed under ISO 17 025 certification. The laboratory is certified ISO 17 025 by COFRAC (n° 1-1919, available on www.cofrac.fr) for ELISA analyses since October 2007. The ELISA method is today the only official international certified technique for virus analyses.



 Thanks to Novatech Laboratory, subsidiary of MERCIER Group, Mercier technicians are able to offer to their client virus diagnosis. The sanitary diagnosis is one of the laboratory skills, to know all about Novatech Laboratory activities, click here.
 Services: sampling and assistance by your Mercier technician. Your results in 15 days. New diagnosis methods (ELISA, PCR, qPCR, LAMP, DNA chips)

 Information and analysis requests: for any information and advice on sampling methods and prices, do not hesitate to contact your Mercier technician or our team directly:

Tel. +33 (0) 2 51 52 58 69 | Fax. +33 (0) 2 51 50 71 19
Mail. laboratoire-mercier@mercier-groupe.com

n° 1-1919, available on www.cofrac.fr


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