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Presentation and History

► A company dating back over a century
 World leader in grafted vines production and vineyards creation.

 Who are we? MERCIER is a family company with a human dimension world leader in grape vines production and in vineyards creation.
Since 1890, we have been assisting thousands of vines growers in France and all over the world with passion. Our know how, our experience and our reputation are our major assets in this very specialized activity.
Looking to the future, we are spending unique means in the world in order to increase further the sanitary quality and the vines material diversity that we offer.

 Our reason for being? You and nd the success of your vines project.
Planting vines commits you for many years and your vineyard is the foundation of your wine production project.
Being close to you, we are motivated by the best vines production willing to provide you sustainable solutions which are always relevant to your aims. Quality, Traceability, Advice, Service, Research, Innovation and Follow-up are all part of MERCIER’s fields of expertise in over a century and they form the foundation of your success.

 Companies group: Born from the nursery business, 120 years ago, Mercier group is today a companies’ network including different activities grafted vines production, plant material analyses laboratory, wine production and distribution and oenotourism.
The nursery activity is international and Mercier is today present in all wine countries.


- Anatole Mercier starts grafting vines. His son Roger develops this nursery activity until 1970. 
- MERCIER vineyards creation. 
- GAEC Uniagri creation.
- Mercier vineyards development.
- Creation and development of a major production of grafted vines in pots. The nursery’s activity already expands all over France.
- MERCIER France Phytonique laboratory creation, specialized in plant physiology research (currently Novatech). From that date, MERCIER realizes the importance of sanitary quality in vine plants propagation.
- Achievement of the first works on mycorrhiza in Mercier.
- Buy out of PERRIN companies in the south of France (rootstocks producers). Perrin companies give birth to our foundation material nursery, the current market leader. This purchase reflects the adoption of our scion wood and rootstock self-supply strategy.
- Holding FINANCIERE MERCIER creation.
- INRA grants the green grafting license to MERCIER Nurseries. 
- The company wins the France commercial prestige trophy awarded by "Treader Club International" in Madrid.
- Ceptonic® invention. 
- First high-grafted vines production.
- Launching of a new packaging: the cardboard box on standard pallet for a better vines storage and preservation.
- MERCIER becomes the European leader in grafted vines nursery.
- MERCIER Argentina creation.
- MERCIER receives The Image Enterprise Award from by the French Chamber of Commerce.
- First tests with mycorrhiza.
- NOVATECH makes the first PCR analyses for the detection of various vine pathogens.
- Achievement of the first works on trichodermas.
- Novatech laboratory’s new premises inauguration (450 m², 2 laboratories, 150 m² workshop and 500 m² greenhouses).
- First collaboration with Agrauxine.
- Château de la Sebrandière inauguration. MERCIER gets into oenotourism market.
- Mercier California creation.
- Novatech Laboratory Certification by COFRAC, ISO-17025 for the ELISA analyses protocol (No. 1-1919, available on www.cofrac.fr).
- First inoculated grafted vines production with trichoderma strain I-1237.
- Buy out of Gendre vine nurseries in south of France.
- Launching of ForcePLANT® range (biocontrol).
- MD wines creation (wholesaling and distribution of wines including wines made by Mercier) 
- Force9® wins the Innovation Award at VITEFF show in Epernay (Champagne).
- First disinfected vines production vs the wood diseases associated fungi (birth of the CleanPLANT®).  
- CleanPROCESS® is protected by an International patent (International publication n° WO2013/01105311).
- MERCIER receives the Territory and Innovation Award from the Pays de la Loire Region.
CleanPLANT® wins the Innovation Awards quote at SITEVI MONTPELLIER show.
Trichoderma I-1237 old vines gets an official marketing authorization (MA No. 2,080,004), for Esquive product produced by Agrauxine and distributed by Bayer. Trichoderma I-1237 strain is now the only known natural solution vs wood diseases. This authorization confirms MERCIER R & D strategy relevance.


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